Marriott Vacations Worldwide Debuts New City Timeshare Collection


Due to the growing demand for timeshares outside of the customary vacation destinations, leading hospitality company Marriott Vacations Worldwide has just announced its newest collection of timeshare properties: the Marriott Vacation Club City Collection.

Currently, the Club City Collection has seven properties including popular city destinations like Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. Though this sub-genre of timeshares will remain just a small portion of the company’s expansive portfolio of timeshare properties, executives have noticed the increased interest.

CEO John Geller discussed these market changes:

“We knew, for example, before we announced our New York City Marriott Vacation Club that our owners stay in New York about 200 nights a day, on average, by exchanging their points for Bonvoy points and then using those Bonvoy points to stay in New York City at Marriott hotels”

Though an acceptable way to utilize Marriott’s points system, transferring club points into Bonvoy points has left many of these properties with vacant timeshare units. This small change in how Marriott allows owners to utilize their points will help bridge the gap they’re experiencing.

Marriott Vacations has also picked Charleston, Savannah, and Waikiki as vacation destinations to add to its city clubs in the future.

These new properties, much like the existing properties within the collection, will be designed to include several unmatched amenities not typically found in urban settings. For example, its 110-guest room Waikiki property, set to open by year-end, will include exceptional rooftop amenities like a pool, fitness center, bar, and two floors of retail stores.

Another impressive amenity that can be found across the portfolio will be its knowledgeable concierge services to assist owners and guests find the best travel experiences like dining options, shopping areas, and activities.

For more information on Marriott Vacations Worldwide and their timeshare portfolios, please visit their official website.