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Did you know that vacations can actually help improve your health and make you feel happier and more energized? That’s because vacations are about new experiences. They take you away from home and work and the same old routine, They provide a physical and emotional reset by exposing you and your loved ones to new and exciting places, people and experiences. And most importantly, they help strengthen family bonds and provide a lifetime of cherished memories.

Benefits Of Aramco Holidays Membership

Buying a Aramco Holidays Membership is the smartest way to holiday. It gives you complete flexibility to choose the type of accommodation and season of your holiday every year.
Aramco Holidays has resorts located in a wide variety of destinations – hills, beaches, jungles, riverside, and heritage locations. Our list of destinations is a mix of popular and unexplored locations and is continuously expanding.
Aramco Holidays resorts are full service, designed for families of all sizes. Large, well-appointed apartments and rooms, multi cuisine restaurants, activity centers, swimming pools and spas make your holiday experience unique and complete.

Holiday around the world

Access more than 4,000 resorts in over 100 countries at Indian prices through exchange .

Hassle free holiday

As a member, just choose where and when you want to holiday and leave the rest to us. From transfers to holiday planning, we enable hassle-free holidays all the way!

Kids friendly

Spend quality time with your partner while your kids are having fun and are taken care of at our Holiday Activity Centre.

How do I use my Aramco Holidays Membership?

You can use your annual week for a stay at any Aramco Holidays and its associated hotels and resorts of your choice for any duration you like.
Every year, you have complete freedom to use your week in any manner that suits you and your family. Whether you take multiple short breaks or want one long holiday in a year, you can choose any season and type of accommodation you like.

What types of accomodation Aramco Holidays offer?

At most resorts of Aramco Holidays, you get to choose from three types of accommodation according to your holiday needs.
Studio: Apartment-type room equipped with modern amenities. With a twin or queen bed and a single sofa cum bed. Up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
One Bedroom: Living room with double sofa cum bed and kitchenette plus one bedroom, equipped with modern amenities. Up to 4 adults or a couple with teenagers.
Two Bedroom: Living room with double sofa cum bed and kitchenette plus two bedrooms, equipped with modern amenities. Up to 6 adults.
Note: Children above 10 are considered adults. Two children below 10 are considered as one adult.
The sofa-cum-bed in the living room helps convert it into a bedroom to accommodate the maximum number of people as seen in the table above.

Why do I have to pay an Annual Subscription Fee (ASF)

Think of the Annual Subscription Fee as a nominal maintenance charge that you pay every year. This fee goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the resorts, refurbishment, and upgrading of the facilities. The ASF helps us give you access to the best facilities and amenities and ultimately ensures a great holiday experience.

What if i dont take holiday in a year, or if I want to take a longer holiday?

The Aramco Holidays Membership model offers you the flexibility to holiday as much or as little as you want. Here’s how it works:
Carry Forward: In case you are not able to take a holiday during a particular year, the unutilized days of that year will be added to your next year’s entitlement. Days can be accumulated up to a maximum value of twice the annual benefit. Beyond this, excess days will lapse. As a good practice, we encourage you to plan your holidays with us well in advance to ensure that none of your days expire.
Advancing: In case you would like to utilize more days in a particular year, you can use some of next year’s entitlement of days in the current year.
Split: You can split your entitlement and take multiple holidays within the same year. You can book a minimum of 2 nights in Blue and White Season. Or book a minimum of 3 nights in Red and Purple Season. Enjoy your Aramco Holidays Membership, just the way you want

How do I pay for Aramco Holidays Membership

We offer EMI as well as one-time payment options. You can pay using cheques, drafts and credit cards.

Can I gift a holiday to family and friends

Yes, you can authorise any adult to use your holiday entitlement by notifying the company at the time of reservation and paying the appropriate guest fees.

Can I transfer my Aramco Holidays Membership to family and friends

Yes, you can transfer the Aramco Holidays Membership and even bequeath it by notifying the company and paying the appropriate transfer fee. Transfer of membership is possible only after the payment for the membership has been completed.


Camp out among the grass and gentians of glacier meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of Nature’s darlings. Climb the mountains….

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“Holidays” it’s such a wonderful time for the whole family to be together and not have to worry about schedules and that kind of thing.

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