CSR & Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility has always been important to the Aramco Group. We believe in being good citizens and helping out our community.”

Aramco Group has been working hard for many years to improve education, health, and the environment all over the world. We believe that business is not just about making money, but also about conserving the environment and helping our stakeholders and communities become stronger. We have always been very active in taking affirmative action. We want to help the environment and people’s lives through our CSR interventions. Our work in Education, Health, and Environment have helped many people in the past. We want to make people’s lives better and help them have a happy future. We do this by helping communities around our resorts grow and thrive.

Volunteering at Workplaces with Employees

We are firmly entrenched in all of the communities we work with through various CSR programs and volunteer efforts by staff. Through environmental, educational, skill-building, and healthcare areas, we engage in community initiatives intended to ‘enrich lives and ‘protect nature for the benefit of society. Community service is encouraged and employees are given the option to give back to society by volunteering for social and environmental causes through our ‘Employee Social Options Program.’


At Aramco Group, sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We are dedicated to preserving ecological integrity in our facilities through good management and activities such as carbon footprint measurement, biodiversity preservation, energy conservation, use of renewable resources, water conservation, and waste recycling. We are proud to have implemented green initiatives that further our mission of “Good Living, Happy Families.” We also strive for zero environmental impact in our operations. Using sustainable resources, operating more efficiently, achieving zero waste for disposal, and improving water management are all goals we’ve set for ourselves.