Planning a trip to Canada – This is Everything you need to know

Canada is one of the most incredible countries in the world. The great thing about Canada is that is has something for everyone. Nature lovers can head out to the Rocky Mountains for sightseeing and wildlife spotting. Those looking to get immersed in the culture, can travel to Montreal, the French Capital of Canada, and for everyone else, there is Vancouver. This article will tell you everything you need to know if you are planning a trip to Canada.

Tourist visas for Canada

A Tourist Visa for Canada is called an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). An eTA can only be completed online and only costs $14 USD (at current, the rate could change). Everyone planning a trip to Canada is required to have an eTA with them on arrival. Please note, this may change depending on your nationality. For more information visit the official Canadian Government website.

Currency in Canada

The currency in Canada is Canadian dollars. You can use the XE Money Converter website to find the current exchange rates for your currency. Keep the exhange rate in mind when creating your travel budget.

Arriving in Canada

The major international airports in Canada are Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. From these international airports, you can catch buses, taxis or a domestic flight to another part of the country. I recommend flying into Vancouver and travelling to the Rocky Mountains from there.

Getting around Canada

Air Canada is the major airline for the country and the major bus line is Greyhound and Coach Canada.

Bus travel is cheaper than flying but does take longer.

In the big cities, the best public transport option is the train or bus, but if you’re feeling confident you could also rent a bike and ride around the city.

If you are only planning a short trip to Canada, it is best to fly because the country is vast and you don’t want to waste your precious time on commuting to places you want to see.  If you are staying for longer and want to save money, the bus is the best option.

Accommodation in Canada

Each destination in Canada has lots of different options when it comes to accommodation, ranging from Airbnbs to hostels to luxury resorts. The price will vary depending on the quality of the places and on your budget for travel.

I recommend using Airbnb or to search for accommodation. If you book with using this link, you will receive $25 cash back after your stay.